Jazz and History

(24) Swing Street

52nd Street, New York in 1948
At the end of 30's, center of jazz in New York moved to 52nd street from Harlem because several Jazz clubs opened next each other on the street. At first, The Onyx opened, and The Three Duces, Jimmy Ryan's, The Famous Door and others followed. Then, people called this street "Swing Street."

The picture is nine years later of Swing Street. William P. Gottlieb, a famous Jazz photographer, took this photo and held only for himself, but as a postcard it has been available to anybody. The picture with color at that time is really rare.


A photo can be traded after 50 years later, so I suggest you to keep pictures with scenes being lost. However, you need keep in mind that you have a theme.


Gottlieb also took these pictures. A man looks like a barker is Pincus that everybody has called him Mayer of Swing Street. We cannot see Charlie Parker who died at young or Miles Davis any more. Seeing these pictures, I feel atmosphere at that time as if I were there.

I wish I could be there. If these people are still alive, they may be around age of 80's. 

[translated by Mariko Ukawa]

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