Jazz and History

(25) Publication of Jazz books
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d Feather

In 1939, Jazz books were published for the first time.

They were
- Wilder Hobson, "American Jazz Music"
- Frederick Ramsey & Charles E. Smith, "Jazzmen"

Leonard Feather's "The encyclopedia of Jazz" (1960) is one of the most famous Jazz encyclopedia.@Having been a journalist, piano player and composer, Leonard was such a smart guy, and he wrote about ten books.

Missed by many, he passed away in '94. Someone could take over his work, and added edition of this encyclopedia would be published in '98.@However, as of Dec 16, 1998, it is not yet in the bookstore.

Dolly Baker gave me a book, John Chillton's "Who's Who of Jazz - Storyville to Swing Street" (1972) since she knew that I had had a lot of questions about Jazz.@I really appreciate her kindness, and of course, the book is really helpful.

[translated by Mariko Ukawa]

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