Jazz and History

(23) Jazz at Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall

Benny Goodman(1909-1986) 

Lionel Hampton(1909-2002)

Teddy Wilson(1912-1986)

Gene Krupa(1909-1973)

An event that Benny Goodman's band having played at Carnegie Hall on Jan 16, 1938 is a famous Jazz concert. This was the first time that Jazz players got in a preserve of classical music.

Even in the period of segregation, Goodman acknowledged black men's musical talent, so he hired two black men for his quartet. One was Lionel Hampton (vib), another was Teddy Wilson (p), and the last was a white man, Gene Krupa (d). This combination was quite unusual at that time. Benny was certainly a "Very Goodman."

What is the most interesting fact is that all of them except Wilson were born in 1909 and that Wilson and Goodman passed away in same year. Hampton is still alive (Hampton died on August 31, 2002.)

During the concert, Count Basie, Lester Young and others appeared as guest performers. Five years later, Duke Ellington's black band had a concert at this place.

[translated by Mariko Ukawa]

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