Daryl Sherman

Rhode Island born Daryl Sherman has been a part of the New York City jazz scene since the mid-70s and she is one of the rare singing pianists equally talented in both roles.

Daryl had been staying for 3 months from the end of 2012 and was singing and playing piano until the end of February at Tableaux Lounge in Daikanyama. As usual, I was recommended to listen her piano and songs by Ruriko, and we became close friends.

Daryl's song repartory is so wide and deffer from Japanese singer's. I'm so happy to listen her songs that Japanese singers don't sing.

Daryl's yearly show ended May 2016 by Tableaux reason. She couldn't come to Japan in 2017.

Jazz critics Mr. Keizo Takada called Daryl in December 2018. I contacted Daryl and she sent me a new CD.

I put together Daryl's articles I wrote.

目 次

初来日 2012.12〜2013.2

来日 2014

来日 2015

Daryl's Mood For Love

Dari-chan is coming back(お知らせ)

来日 2016

非来日 2017

来日 2018

年末年始カード 2019・2020

年始カード 2021

2023  5月にダリちゃんが帰って来ました