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(16)   Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five
 Japanese Version 

Louis Armtrong and his Hot Fives

Lil Hardin-Armstrong

 When Armstrong went back from New York at the end of 1925, he organized gLouis Armstrong and His Hot Fivesh then gHot Sevens.h

This was the Armstrongfs peak for his young age.

Later, Louis and Hardin divorced in 1938, but they kept good friendship for their life.

In February 16, 1926, Armstrong recorded first Scat Vocal, and the title was "Heebie Jeebies."  He dropped the score on purpose, but he pretended as if he kept playing music against his will.  This was actually he had waited to do that. 

In 1971, Harding passed away during the Armstrongfs memorial concert which was two month after his death.  This is such a amazing story; donft you think so?  They may remarried in Heave.

[Translated by Mariko Ukawa]

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