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(15) King of Jazz, Joe gKingh Oliver
 Japanese Version

Joe "King" Oliver(1885-1938)

Louis Armstrong(1901-1971)

Oliver and Louis in 1922

Oliver is famous for being an Armstrong's master.  He originally cornet player and he organized gKing Oliverfs Creole Jazz Bandh in Chicago in 1922.  At that time, he invited Armstrong to New Orleans.  He then, organized gKing Oliverfs Jazz Bandh or gKing Oliverfs Orchestrah other than first band.  I do not know how many of gKinghs were before Oliver.  Yet, I guess he was the third.

 Compared with Buddy Bolden, Oliver seems more graceful, and sound medium of his performance has been left.  We may call Oliver genuine King.


King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band 
However, Armstrong surpassed Oliver immediately.  In contrast, Armstrong regarded Oliver as his master, and he always admired Oliver for his life.  Relationship between master and its pupil is quite tight than we can imagine.  

In the picture, Armstrong is on the most left side.  A lady on the right side is Lillian Hardin, and she married to Armstrong in 1924.  This was the second marriage for Armstrong.  She was full of intelligence, and she took part of arranging or composing the melodies for the band.  This year, Frecher Henderson invited Armstrong, and Louis stayed in New York for a year.  During stay in New York, Armstrong gave significant influence on New York Jazz musicians, then he went back to Chicago.

[translated by Mariko Ukawa]

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