Nee Year's Drawing 2023

Sao Paulo Cathedral
iSao Paulo, Brazilj

In 1987, The IFORS Conference was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The OR Society of Japan planed to visit countries in South America, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. The planner was WakaG.

Next year, APORSiAsian-Pacific Operational Research Societies) Conference had begun once in every 3 years. I had been the secretary of APORS for 10 years.

We flew from Narita through Los Angeles, Miami to Sao Paulo. It took 30 hours.

My two friends had been living in Sao Paulo at that time, and they planned our tour to visit Sao Paulo University and Voks Wagen factory.

After the conference, we flew to Iguazu Fall on Sunday, and Iguazu to Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City.

This is my "New Year's Drawing for 2023".

With warm wishes.

Professor Emeritus, Hosei University
1101 Palace View Yonban-cho
2-2 Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 102-0081