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Craig Thompson

Craig Thompson, Tokyo 2003




Craig Thompson is a young guy with so much vitality. I met him for the first time in Tokyo in December 2001. Before he became a singer, he was in the US Navy and stationed in Misawa for three and a half years. He was also once the US representative for the International Amateur Sumo Tournament.

He can speak some Japanese. When I see Big-T, I can tell that he is working hard to establish himself as a singer here in Japan as well.

I have written about him in this site to introduce him to the world. His articles are collected here.

Big-T & the Bada Bings Official Site
Big-T Official Site in Japanese
2. 2002年4月のライブのチラシ   Flyer of his Live in Tokyo, April 2002
3. Me and My Shadow (日本語)   Me and My Shadow (English)
4. 外国からのゲスト(Little MANUELA site)   Foreign Guests (Little MANUELA site
5. 4月のライブのお知らせ   2003年4月のB flat flyer   2003年4月のMonteCarlo flyer
6. BIG-T 東京ライブとパーティ    BIG-T Tokyo Live & Party
 Promotion Video Clip in You Tube
Craig自身がなかなか凝ったビデオを編集しました。バンドのプロモーション・ビデオをYou Tubeに流しています。2008/4/2

2003年、銀座モンテカルロでのパーティのビデオです。DVDがとってありました。お得意の”Since I Fell For You”をアップしました。
同じ時のビデオ画像から、"Mack The Knife"です。

訃 報

Craig Thompsonが2018年7月6日、突然亡くなりました。


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