Jazz and History

(1) Jazz was born in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans was originally French city, and next it was governed by Spain before it became an American City. It was governed by France once again. Therefore, we can guess there were many factors of European music. There was a big opera house in New Orleans before the Civil War.

The American music were made of mixture of all songs and tunes from New England to New Orleans.

They are hymns, fork songs, spirituals, work songs, gospels, blues, and ragtime. In southern area, rhythm of African drums was woven into them, and new American music called "Jazz" was created. This rhythm of drums distinguishes Jazz from other music.

Storyville, the famed red light district of New Orleans opened in 1897. And Jazz had been prospered in Storyville until the middle of 1910s. It was named after New Orleans alderman Sidney Story.

Storyville, New Orleans, 1910-1917

Jazz was performed by musicians of Storyville.

[translated by Mariko Ukawa]

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